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St Malo-Cancale : Exhibition at Pointe de Grouin

St Malo

Each year the regional archives at Rennes organize an exhibition displaying part of the archival content in the form of “Bandes Dessinées”.

Many people will wonder, what are “Bandes Dessinées”? The simple translation is “Comic Strips” but there is a lot more to “Bandes Dessinées” than the simple translation implies. They are particularly popular in France and Belgium, but they have a much wider audience and in fact are widely accepted as a legitimate art form. As such they provide a means of communication not just of comic situations but also of serious subjects. This year, being the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, the theme of the

St Malo

exhibition is “1914-18: L’Arrière”, that is to say what happened to the lives of people away from the front lines. How did they organize their lives, how did they feed themselves, how were the victims cared for? How did the postal services function? IN short a host of questions. The “Bandes Dessinées” displayed at this exhibition aim to cast some light on how life was for the citizens of the country at that time and include authors such as Maêl, Pascal Bresson, and Lionel Chouin. The exhibition takes place at the "sémaphore", or signaling station, at the Pointe de Grouin, a famous landmark on the coast between St Malo and Cancale which is great favourite with walkers and bird watchers as its rugged headland provides shelter for the birds and spectacular views for the visitors. The exhibition runs from the 7th July until the 31st August 2014; entry is free every day except Saturday between 13-18:00. Telephone for details 02 99 89 79 47. La Renardais is situated about 20 minutes from St Malo so why not spend a couple of nights with us at our 4 star Bed-Breakfast situated at Plouër-sur-Rance to visit St. Malo, and the lovely riverside town of Dinan which is just down the road.
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